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Alone in a crowd.

There’s something so sad

About standing alone

With nothing to contribute

With no place called home.

When all those around you

Speak with gladness, are free

But from you those pleasures

All . But. Flee…

Where there’s nothing in common

‘Cept the things we don’t see:

The people we are


The people we’d be

If all our barriers and walls

Were broken

And all our defenses and fortresses

Were forced open.

Where all our closets were

Spread across wide open rooms,

Rather than rotting in darkness

In our secret tombs.

What if freedom was more

Than just an idea?

And those who look free could be

A whole lot freer?

What if the barrier between you

And another

Was simply bridged by becoming

A brother?

A sister? A friend?

A life long partner?

Would we find love?

Would we get our answer?

Would we start completing

Where the other one fails?

Or will keep competing with

Head verse Tails?

Why can’t we just take

The falling hand

And lift each other up

Together take our stand?

Let us fight

Side by side

With our hearts united

With fire in our being

And vision re-lighted.

Let’s burn with a passion

That gives Him the fame,

The glory, the honour,

That’s due to His name.

‘Cause sister I need you,

And brother the same,

‘Cause I can’t keep playing

Without you in the game!

There’s a whole lot of difference

between being in a crowd on your own,

Than being in a crowd that

Stands for its own!


About kirstylou42

Unique - just like you! Just as God intended. I have an absolute passion for the Kingdom of Heaven, for Father-God, His son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. My raison d'etre is to serve God, to introduce people to HIm, and to the fullness of who He has created them to be!

2 responses to “Alone in a crowd.

  1. Well said. I think this one speaks a lot to a battle we all fight.

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