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War Memorial, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. Image used with permission, courtesy of


It’s those stories of endurance, of pain, of heroism, of valour, of dedication, of commitment, of determination, to achieve dreams, goals, ambitions, no matter what the personal cost is.

It’s the cost of soldiers lives for freedom. It’s the cost of a mother’s meal to feed her child. It’s walking miles and miles in African wilderness to collect water. It’s taking the bullet meant for another.

It’s the cross, it’s the spotless lamb come to take the away the sin of the world.

It’s the life we are called to.

It’s a call to live for Someone worth dying for. To die to ourselves, our wants, our needs, and put all that effort we would usually put into doing things our way into doing things His way.

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by…

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Unique - just like you! Just as God intended. I have an absolute passion for the Kingdom of Heaven, for Father-God, His son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. My raison d'etre is to serve God, to introduce people to HIm, and to the fullness of who He has created them to be!

2 responses to “Sacrifice.

  1. janjoy52

    May the valor and heroism of those recognized stir within us a greater vision and resolve to live lives of purpose.

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